Sourced with integrity; packaged with great care; loaded with healthy nutrients.

Our honey is completely unprocessed and untreated; full of natural enzymes, vitamins and antioxidants - just as the bees made it! This differentiates it from other more commercial honey, which often contains additional sugars, and has usually been heat-treated (so is less likely to contain the natural health benefits associated with raw honey).

We work with only the highest quality apiaries across the UAE, Yemen and Kyrgyzstan. True artisans with a rich heritage, our beekeepers harvest the honey naturally using centuries-old traditional methods, bringing it to the customer in the purest form available. 

The brand also stands for luxury, indulgence and something that looks beautiful in your kitchen; so our packaging, customer service and attention to detail are very important too!  

The current Blossom Honey collection includes over 20 of the most healing, delicious and rare honey types, and our expert staff also mix our honeys with herbs, spices and supplements to create delicious honey infusions.

We operate in the following spaces:

  • Retail at Times Square Center
  • Online
  • Wholesale to other bricks and mortar / online retailers within the UAE
  • HORECA including many five-star hotels within the UAE
  • Corporate and events gifting and VIP hampers

Fully certificated including HACCP registration and compliant with all DM Food Safety requirements, we try our utmost to keep our prices as low as possible and won’t knowingly be beaten on price by any of our competitors in the market.