It’s here – our newest raw honey creation!

We love our infusions, and testing different honey combinations is definitely one of the things our honey team enjoys most!

Our latest creation is … wait for it…. ‘Whipped Chocolate Honey’.  A combination of raw white honey and raw cacao makes this a healthier option than a lot of other chocolate-based spreads and toppings that are available in the supermarket.

It’s loved by kids and absolutely perfect for lunchboxes – it contains no nuts, only contains raw ingredients, and ironically has more nutrients, antioxidants and enzymes than a number of fruit options!

The main ingredient is raw white honey – known for its natural sweetening effect, and mood enhancing properties. White honey also stimulates and boosts the memory, and is mighty rich in Omega 3 – great for protecting the body from cell damage.

And when you add in the raw cacao, not only do you get a great tasting honey, but you also amplify the health benefits! A little-known fact is that raw cacao actually contains more calcium than cow's milk, and comes densely packed with iron, magnesium and antioxidants. It’s brilliant for helping with issues such as depression, stress, blood pressure and heart health.

So many benefits from such a small jar! What are you waiting for? Our new whipped chocolate honey is available from our kiosk in Times Square Center, and soon to be available on www.kibsons.com