To celebrate International Women’s Day this week and Mother’s Day later this month, we are unveiling the many ways in which honey can benefit women. Unlike pasteurised, commercial honey, raw honey retains all its natural vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Read on to see how honey can support us women in particular.

  1. Keep your Energy Levels Up

Whether you need a quick boost for the gym or are just feeling a dip in your energy levels during the day, a teaspoon of honey is just what you need. It is a great carbohydrate full of natural sugars (fructose and glucose) and is absorbed straight into your blood stream. For an enhanced taste experience, try one of our raw honey infusions! We recommend Whipped Chocolate Infusion

  1. Nourish your Body

Raw honey is so nourishing for both your hair and skin. It naturally locks in moisture. It is a gentle exfoliant, to which you can add fine sea salt or coffee grounds for a rougher scrub. It also helps with burns due to its antioxidant, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties. We recommend Emirati Wildflowers

  1. Keep your Weight Steady

Starting your day with a warm water and honey wakes up your body and your metabolism. The honey helps you stay energised and the amino acids in the honey help absorb fat and cholesterol, thus preventing weight gain. By replacing the refined sugar in your tea and coffee throughout the day with raw honey, you will be consuming less (and healthier) calories. We recommend Cinnamon Infusion

  1. Build Up Your Immune System

Raw honey is full of flavonoids and phenolic compounds which are antioxidants that help protect your body from cell damage. These phytonutrients also have antifungal and antibacterial properties. It is also rich in minerals such as iron, calcium and magnesium, which are super important to women’s health. We recommend New Zealand Manuka

  1. Keep your Gut in Order

Raw honey is a great anti-viral and anti-septic, which can target bad bacteria and fungus in your gut. It functions as a potent prebiotic, nourishing all the healthy bacteria inside which is crucial for digestion and overall health. If you are suffering from a sore stomach or are prone to stomach ulcers, it is said to soothe the pain if eaten on an empty stomach. We recommend Yemeni Sidr Do’Ani

  1. Ease those Period Pains

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, honey can help with period pains, cramps and bloating. If you suffer with irregular periods, eating a teaspoon of raw honey with some dried mint three times a day is said to help! We recommend Yemeni Wildflowers

  1. Encourage a Good Nights’ Sleep

During the night, your body uses glycogen to conduct essential repairs and rejuvenation to your cells. By having a spoon of honey before bedtime, this keeps your glycogen levels up so your brain has a supply (it uses 65% of the glycogen) and will let you sleep soundly. Honey is also said to contain tryptophan, which converts serotonin to melatonin in the dark and aids in sleeping and tissue repair. We recommend Kyrgyzstani White Honey

As women, we tend to look after everyone else before ourselves. Perhaps its time to make a more conscious effort to put ourselves first? Take time to incorporate raw honey into your daily routine and become a stronger and healthier person. Happy International Women’s Day to all you Queen Bees!