Among allergy sufferers there is a widespread belief that locally produced raw honey can alleviate symptoms — the idea being that the honey acts like a vaccine. Bees that jump from one flower to the next end up covered in pollen spores, which are then transferred to their honey. Eating that honey — just a spoonful a day — can build up immunity through gradual exposure to the local allergens that can make life so miserable for allergy sufferers.

Allergy injections can also help desensitize pollen-allergic people by exposing them to a specific pollen or pollen mixture injected at regular intervals. Studies have shown allergy shots are very effective for decreasing seasonal allergy symptoms,and local, unprocessed honey does contain small amounts of pollen from the environment. The pollen in honey is mostly from the flowers where bees are found (with flowering plant pollen less likely to cause allergy symptoms) and allergenic, airborne pollen from trees, grasses and weeds in lesser amounts.  As raw honey is untreated, unprocessed and still contains all the health benefits associated with honey (unlike commercially treated honey), it can be an ideal source of anti-allergen pollen, and hence aid allergy sufferers.

Our Emirati honey, produced locally in the UAE, may be an ideal remedy for allergy sufferers in the UAE. The honey is available to buy online or from our kiosk in Times Square Center, Dubai. It starts at only 60 AED for a 150g jar.