Our favorite waffle - y ways to make breakfast a feast. We wanted to make a friend a special birthday breakfast that everyone would share, so we came up with this. Needless to say, he was chuffed & when you make it, we think you will be too. Valentine, anniversary or just prepare breakfast with your kids this is the easiest and more scrumptious, fun way to do it. Whether it's served with a fork or fold them up like a taco, you'll love starting that special day the waffle way.


Our Awesome Waffles Toppings:

Blackberries| Mint| Organic White Honey

Bananas| Peanut Butter| Bee Pollen| Raw Sidr Do'ani Honey

Strawberries| Cream Cheese| Raw Sidr Do'ani Honey

Mango| Raw Wildflowers Honey

Rasperries| Blueberries| Organic White Honey

Kiwi| Rasperries| Organic White Honey